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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?
All American Roofing has offices in North Wilmington, Delaware and in West Ocean City, Maryland. We provide service for customers through the entire state of Delaware, in Chester County and Delaware County in Pennsylvania and in Maryland’s Eastern Shore and Delmarva Peninsula.

Do you give free estimates?
Yes. We provide FREE Written Estimates . To schedule a site inspection of your property and receive your FREE Estimate, please call us today or complete the online FREE Estimate Request form.

Are you insured?
Yes. All American Roofing Company is fully insured, licensed and bonded. We maintain valid General Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance policies, and will gladly provide a copy of our insurance certificate upon request. All American Roofing strictly follows all OSHA regulations and guidelines, and has had no work related injuries since our inception in 1989.

Do I need to secure any building permits for my roofing project?
Depending on the work that is required, a permit may be required. All American Roofing takes care of any licenses or permits that may be required for your project.

How much does a new roof cost?
Several factors go into determining the cost of your new roof. They include the quality and professionalism of your roofing contractor; the brand, type and grade of roofing shingle you select; the size of your roof and the shape and slope of your roofline. While price is a certainly a factor, don’t choose a roofing contractor on cost alone. Quality roofing material, quality workmanship have real value. Hiring the cheapest roofing contractor could cost more in the long run when you consider the cost to repair sub-par roofing and the damage it causes. We suggest that you get a roofing estimate for an accurate idea. All American Roofing Company provides FREE Written Estimates. Call today, or click to request an estimate appointment.

How long does it take to replace/install a new roof?
The time required to complete your job will vary depending upon the size and scope of the project. And of course there are variables that may affect your roofing installation, like weather, or if there is a second shingle layer to remove, etc. But typically, All American Roofing Company installs your new roof within 1 to 2 days. In certain cases, where multiple trades are required for your project (i.e. – both shingle roof and flat roof install on the same project), it may take slightly longer. Your Project Estimator will be able to provide you with an estimate of the amount of time it will take to professionally install your new roof.

Do I have to be present when my new roof is being installed?
While we welcome having our valued customers on the premises when we are installing a new roof or performing a roof repair, your presence is not necessary for us to complete your project.  We do ask that you remain available by phone in case any questions arise.

My roof leaks. Do I need to have it totally replaced?
Not necessarily. Leaking can happen because some flashings have come loose or because a section of the roof has been damaged. A roof failure, however, is generally irreversible and results from improper installation or choice of materials, or from the installation of a roof system inappropriate to the building. If your roof is leaking, schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible to have the situation assessed.

Can I speak with an Estimator?
Our Estimators will gladly come to your home or commercial property to evaluate your project, and prepare a FREE Written Estimate. These visits are scheduled for a time that is most convenient for you. Because our Estimators are constantly on the road meeting customers, they are generally not in the office and not available to speak with by phone before your appointment.

Do I have to be present when the Estimator comes to evaluate my project?
It is very highly recommended that you meet with you Estimator to discuss your project in person. For certain customers, who have the need for our services on a 2nd home or a vacation home, we can make arrangements for a visual inspection of the exterior of your property. But it is always highly recommended that we have inside access to a property, to allow our estimators to inspect the condition of the structure under the roof surface.

There are so many different terms I’m reading and I’m not sure what they mean?
We know there are many words that might be unfamiliar to you regarding roofing. Please take a look at our glossaryof words to learn more and let us know if you have more questions.

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